About Us: Committees



Steven M. Ariss, MD2019 - Chair
John D. McBride, MD2018
Diane A. McCormick, MD2018
William C. Sternfeld, MD2018
Lurley J. Archambeau, MD2019
Philip C. Stiff, Jr., MD2019
Robert L. Kalb, MD2017
Nadine C. Kassis, MD2017
David L. Weldy, MD2017


Rex N. Figy, MD - Chair
Karl S. Fernandes, MD
John F. McGreevey, Jr., MD
Henry H. Naddaf, MD
Gretchen E. Tietjen, MD

Financial Advisory

William C. Sternfeld, MD - Chair
JoDee E. Ahrens, MD
John P. Anders, MD
Christopher A. Bates, MD
Gerald W. Marsa, MD
Donald B. Marshall, DO
Herbert E. Stockard, MD

Toledo Medicine Editorial Board

S. Amjad Hussain, MD - Editor
Ted E. Barber, MD
Stephen P. Bazeley, MD
Gerald W. Marsa, MD
James G. Ravin, MD
J. Gregory Rosenthal, MD
Steven J. Rubin, MD

Academy/Bar Liaison

Richard L. Munk, MD - Chair
JoDee E. Ahrens, MD
Christopher A. Bates, MD
Leo J. P. Clark, MD
Thomas G. Kirkhope, MD
Allen L. Markowicz, MD
Patrick W. McCormick, MD
Mr. Lee F. Wealton
Donna A. Woodson, MD

Academy Council/Hospital
Medical Staff Liaison Representatives

Mercy Health - St. Anne HospitalTimothy M. Husted, MD
Mercy Health - St. Charles HospitalRiaz N. Chaudhary, MD
Mercy Health - St. Vincent Medical CenterThomas G. Welch, MD
ProMedica Bay Park Community HospitalDennis R. Assenmacher, MD
ProMedica Flower HospitalJeanine S. Huttner, MD
ProMedica Toledo HospitalGeorge N. Darah, DO
St. Luke's HospitalDonna A. Woodson, MD
The University of Toledo Medical CenterDonna A. Woodson, MD

Physician Support

Mary J. Gombash, MD - Chair
George J. Baibak, MD
John J. Newton, MD
Mr. Lee F. Wealton