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It Is My Hemorrhoids Doctor
By Dr. Allan Miller

Forty seven year old Nancy S. was referred to my office because of constant drainage and burning in the anal area. she had noted her ‘hemorrhoids’ sticking out for a number of years and was unable to cleanse herself easily after bowel movements. These ‘hemorrhoids’ were getting more painful as the drainage increased.

Nancy’s job required her to be on her feet for eight hours each day and her ‘hemorrhoidal’ problem was making it difficult to easily do her job. She came to see me to get her ‘hemorrhoids’ fixed once and for all.

I explained to nancy that hemorrhoids begin in the rectum not in the anal area. hemorrhoids can fall out of the rectum but can be pushed back up inside the body. I further advised nancy that since hemorrhoids occur inside the body they do not have nerve endings for pain, burning, itching or the sensation of hot or cold. The anal area has all of these sensations and I explained to nancy that her condition was more likely anal rather than hemorrhoidal.

My examination of the anal area revealed a walnut sized, painful to the touch, lump in the posterior portion of the anal opening. Nancy was advised of my findings and after anesthetizing the area a piece of the bump was cut off and sent to the laboratory for evaluation. The lab report revealed anal cancer. Nancy’s anal cancer was treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Anal cancer is just a bump that is felt when bathing or when cleansing after bowel movements. Any bump or lump must be evaluated by a physician.

The American Cancer Society recommennds examinations for colo rectal cancer for everyone over age 50. However, lumps, bumps, bleeding, drainage or any other bowel change should be evaluated by a physician at any age that the change is noted.

Allan Miller DO
Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County